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Deforest Kelley Star Trek Autograph Hand Signed Promo 8x10 With P. A. A. S. Cert

This autographed 8x10 promotion picture features the beloved character Dr. Leonard McCoy/Bones, portrayed by Deforest Kelley in the iconic science fiction franchise, Star Trek. The signature is authenticated by P. And is a must-have for any Star Trek collector. The item was signed at the 1991 Tampa Florida Show, adding a unique touch to this already rare collectible. 100% Authentic In- Person Autograph. The genre of this item is Science Fiction & Horror, and it belongs to the Star Trek franchise. It is a perfect addition to any collector's collection. Get your hands on this ...

Star Trek Authentic Dilithium Crystal Prop Signed Chris Doohan Memorabilia Coa

Own a piece of Star Trek history with this authentic Dilithium Crystal Prop replica, signed by Chris Doohan. This replica prop is modeled after the original series and is a must-have for any Star Trek fan or collector. Made in the United States, this vintage replica prop is perfect for display and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Whether you're a fan of Montgomery Scott or a lover of science fiction, add this collectible to your Star Trek memorabilia collection today. See pictures for the condition of the item being offered.   

Star Trek Original Cast Signed Colored Photo Le Plaque #1627/2500 With Coa

Star Trek Original Cast Signed Colored Photo Limited Edition Plaque #1627 of 2500 made With Certificate of Authenticity by Ken Goldin, CEO Catch a Star Collectables. Comes in Black Acrylic Frame approximately 20"X20"X1.5. Color photo shows each of the original cast autographs. This includes, Captain Kirk, Science Officer Spock, Chief Engineer Scotty, Medical Officer Dr. McCoy, Navigator Chekov, Helmsman Sulu, and Communications Uhura. This is a great addition for any Star Trek (original series) collection or die hard fan. Thank you for taking time to consider our listing. We hope you will ...

James Cukr Star Trek Signed A Number40/250? Duras Sisters Print 1999

James Cukr Star Trek Signed a number40/250?   

Star Trek Leonard Nimoy Mister Spock U. S. P. S. Advertising Poster Hand Signed

Leonard Nimoy, my daughter Ashley and my wife during several of my past Vulkon conventions. Advertising cardboard poster 14x11 inches. All of our autographed items were signed by the celebrities involved at my events or through other business arrangements with that celebrity, each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. I have promoted Conventions and Cruises since 1979 and have worked with over 250 stars from the science fiction genre.   

Jj Abrams Star Trek Vintage Original Enterprise Blueprints Signed Autograph Rare


Star Trek Next Generation Patrick Stewart As Picard Autographed Signed Plaque

Back in 1991, (the 25th Anniversary of the TV Series) Scoreboard/Catch a Star Inc. Already world famous for sports related signed collectibles, arranged a special signing through Paramount Pictures on the majority of their popular actors. Each piece was hand signed by the actors, mounted, individually numbered, and included a certificate of authenticity. 8x10 Signed Photo on 12x15 Plaque. Signed Through Paramount Pictures in 1991. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Signed in Person by Patrick Stewart. Limited Edition #138 of 995 Made.   

Star Trek Captain James T Kirk (w Shatner) Signed Photo Plaque 1995 976/2500

Comes without box or COA. Item will be carefully packaged to avoid damage during transit. See all pictures for more details, you'll get the exact same item.   

Vintage Paramount Licensed Star Trek Denim Jacket Sz. L Airbrush? Signed By Cast

Vintage, Paramount Licensed Star Trek Denim Jacket, Airbrushed, Signed by Cast.. Signatures from James Doohan (Scotty), Nichelle Nichols (Lieutenant Uhura), George Takei (Sulu), Walter Koenig (Checkov), Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi), Rene Auberjonois (Odo), Garret Wang (Ensign Harry Kim) and Majel Barrett (Number One, Nurse Chapel, Loxanna Troi and voice of the Computer). This jacket is in like new condition and was only worn for a short time at a Star Trek convention, all other times taken to the conventions in a bag for signatures. Original owner and Authentic Signatures, I was there in person...

Star Trek Leonard Nimoy Spock Signed Plaque 455/995 Ae

This is not sealed but it is with it's original box as shown see photos.