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Star Trek Phaser 30th Anniversary Franklin Mint 1995 Limited Edition With Stand

   This Star Trek Phaser is a rare and valuable collector's item, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the iconic franchise. Produced by Franklin Mint in 1995, this limited edition piece includes a stand for display. It features Captain James T. Kirk's weapon from the original series, perfect for fans of science fiction. The vintage design adds to the nostalgia and appeal of this unique piece, which is sure to be a prized possession for any Star Trek enthusiast. STAR TREK The Original Series Attention: Trekkies, Trekkers, People who love Star Trek or People who have Friends and Family ...

Star Trek Ccg 1st Edition Voyager Complete 201-card Mint Set+sleeved+ultra-rare

   This is Karina w/Kaya: the MODELGirls (we Like models)! WELCOME friends to your Club! STAR TREK Collectible Card Game. Complete SET of 201-RARE, Common, Uncommon+ULTRA-RARE cards'! "MINT & Unplayed - protected in ultra-pro card sleeves for 22-years in a card storage safe"! This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for all collectors or players! A Complete 131-Card-SET: ALL 131 Rare-Uncommon-Common from the STAR TREK Collectible Card Game! These are the 201 MINT "VOYAGER" Limited black -bordered cards made in a pristine and limited Printing by Carta Mundi in Belgium in 2001 the same ...

Star Trek Lower Decks Collection U. S. S Cerritos 1st Edition

Star Trek Lower Decks Collection: U. Hit by meteors, black holes, giant ice formations, space pirates and parasitic larvae, Cerritos was run by Captain Carol Freeman. His shuttlebay also carried a Type 6A shuttlecraft add-on, with the same name as California national parks - such as Yosemite, Redwood, and Death Valley.   

Space 1999 Eagle Laboratory Edition 03

   Space: 1999 Eagle - Laboratory - Edition 03. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Discover the brand-new Space: 1999 collectibles series based on the hit TV show! Introducing the third edition of the series - the Eagle One Laboratory. A cult classic of 1970s science fiction, the Space: 1999 TV series followed the spacefaring adventures of Moonbase Alpha, whose 311 personnel found themselves stranded when a massive nuclear explosion sent the Moon hurtling into deep space. Designed by Oscar-winning SFX director Brian Johnson (Alien, Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey), the Eagle One is the iconic ...

Alien & Predator Starships Alien U. S. C. S. S. Nostromo Edition 1

ALIEN & PREDATOR STARSHIPS: ALIEN U. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Alien & Predator Starships: Alien U. Commanded by Arthur Dallas, the Nostromo was registered under the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Crafted from a combination of die-cast and high-quality ABS plastic. Painstakingly hand-painted to capture even the tiniest details. This perfect replica is a must-have for science fiction spacecraft enthusiasts and fans of the Alien film franchise. Take home a piece of modern cinematic history today!   

Star Trek Special Collectors Edition New Kirk&spock 1999 Rare 12

Star trek special collectors edition New Kirk&Spock 1999 Rare 12.  

Star Trek The Motion Picture 1979 Director S Edition Review

Star Trek Lower Decks Collection U. S. S Cerritos 1st Edition Eaglemoss

Star Trek Lower Decks Collection: U.   

Star Trek Collection Issue Ov-165 Edition 128

STAR TREK COLLECTION ISSUE: OV-165 - EDITION 128. Star Trek Collection Issue: OV-165 - Edition 128. The OV-165 spacecraft, a 21st century space shuttle with aerospike engines that can reach low Earth orbit. The OV-165 was a successor to the Space Shuttle and was used to reach Earth orbit. It took off vertically, but it didn't need booster rockets to break free of Earth's atmosphere. Instead, he used his aerospike engines that could explode in space; it could then land on Earth like a conventional airplane. Inside the magazine, find out how illustrator John Eaves created a believable design ...

Star Trek Big Ship V'ger Edition 15

V'ger era uma entidade enorme e uma das formas de vida mais extraordinárias já encontradas pela Federação Unida de Planetas. Gerou enormes níveis de poder e ameaçou a Terra de destruição até encontrar uma forma de evoluir. V'ger escolheu seu próprio nome. Antes que o nome da nave fosse descoberto, o pessoal da Frota Estelar se referia à nave como " o intruso ". Tipo de edição: XL Idioma: Inglês Material: Die-cast Fabricante.