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Stargate Ships Collection Death Glider

Stargate Eaglemoss - Death Glider.   

Stargate Ships Collection Stargate Atlantis Daedalus 1st Edition

Assigned to the Rapid Attack Wing, her standard mission has been to transport equipment and personnel between Earth and Atlantis, assisting the Atlantis expedition as needed.   

Stargate Ships Collection Stargate Sg. 1 Goa'uld Mothership 1st Edition

1 Goa'uld Mothership - Edition 02. Also known as Ha'taks, the Stargate Goa'uld mothership models were vast tetrahedral warships reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian pyramids. The Goa'uld used these spaceships to transport their Jaffa armies across the galaxy. Capable of atmospheric flight, the Stargate Goa'uld mothership model could deploy forces directly on planets in need of subduement.