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Star Trek Voyager Autographed Signed Plaque Kate Mulgrew Captain Janeway 1996

#258 out of 995 in excellent condition also have original box but box does have light damage on side and have the certificate of authenticity to go with it.   

Vintage Star Trek Script The Tholian Web S3 E9 1960s Plus Catalog! Original

PLUS STAR TREK ENTERPRISES CATALOG! Red, for episode "The Tholian Web" S3 E9, 1263, very good condition, Number 59 printed on top, Paramount TV Productions, Final Draft, Prod. In Loving Memory Of Diane V.   

Steve Horch Star Trek Tos Aluminum Communications Earpiece

Thinning out my TOS replica collection! Vintage Star Trek The Original Series Steve Horch machined aluminum communications earpiece. Very nicely machined by a super talented maker and legendary human being. Great piece of fan produced TOS history. Steve later teamed up with professional prop maker Michael Moore and together formed HMS Creative Productions. Innovator in the manufacturing of movie and television props, costumes, licensed reproduction collectibles, toy and prototype manufacturing, consulting, and rare prop and model preservation and restoration. It's in 100% original, ...

Vintage Timex Star Trek The Next Generation Wrist Watch Never Worn Original Box

For sale is a Vintage 1992 Timex Star Trek The Next Generation water resistant Wrist Watch Never Worn with Original Box. There are no corrosion issues. It has been recently serviced and runs perfectly!   

Star Trek The Next Generation Season Two Blooper Reel

Star Trek'the Motion Picture' Production 1979 Directory Ex Greg Jein #13

   [GREG JEIN, STAR TREK - THE MOTION PICTURE]. On offer here is GREG JEIN'S ORIGINAL PRODUCTION DIRECTORY / ACCOUNT LISTING FOR STAR TREK - THE MOTION PICTURE FROM 1979. Star Trek - The Motion Picture (TMP) famously had ENORMOUS production delays all throughout 1979. The final effects shots not being completed until November 29, 1979 and the final print notably being delivered'wet' to a plane waiting on the tarmac to be flown to the premiere on December 6, 1979. Please see the excellent'Memory-Alpha' site detail on the 1979 production & post-production difficulties associated with ...

Star Trek Movie Props 1979 Motion Picture Storyboards Production Art! X1

   LOT:FIVE Storyboards IN DIRECT SEQUENCE OF ONE ANOTHER (SCENE BY SCENE). Here we have an original 1979 Star Trek The motion picture production storyboard/storyboards. I've never seen a storyboard from this film come up for sale!! 8.5x11 inches roughly ea. These are original 1979 production used copies pulled directly out of one of the production staffs binders studio binders!! Some storyboards in the folder have minor handwritten notes and some do not. The storyboards are basically impossible to find. Only a few of them have ever come up for sale (and or exist period). The storyboards...

Star Trek Motion Picture Enterprise Model Kit Unassembled 1979 Amt S970 Complete

New inside Pieces box in fair shape. This Star Trek Motion Picture Enterprise Model Kit is a must-have for collectors and fans alike. The kit is made by AMT and is vintage, dating back to 1979. It comes unassembled and complete, ready for you to put together and display proudly in your collection. The kit falls under the categories of Collectibles, Science Fiction & Horror, and Star Trek Collectibles. It's a rare find for any fan, and its exceptional design and vintage status make it a highly sought-after piece.   

Vintage! Star Trek Tv 1972 Original 32-page Photo Booklet First Ny Convention

1972 ORIGINAL/unused 6"x9" 32-page photo booklet, given out at the very FIRST NY STAR TREK CONVENTION (January, 1972)! This is a promotional part of very EARLY Star Trek history!!! And YOU can own it! A few of the listing photos have camera light reflections on the pages. These are NOT on the booklet pages! THIS BOOKLET IS NOT A REPRODUCTION. SPECIAL DEAL: For all of our U.   

First Edition Star Trek Equicon Franz Joseph Signed Uss Constitution Blueprints

Blueprints / General plans are in good condition, all are stapled together. Great set of blueprints for the Star Trek fan!