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Star Trek Lot Of 18 Action Figures 1995 Playmates No. 6430 Nrfp

   Star Trek Lot of 18 Action Figures 1995 Playmates No. Packages have some scuffing and creasing. Please zoom in on photos to get the most accurate representation of the item. The Mugato, Jem'Hadar, The Gorn, Governor Worf. Captain Christopher Pike, Captain James T. Kirk, Captain Picard as Galen. Katherine Pulaski, Talosians, Professor Data. Beverly Crusher, Security Chief Odo, The Hunter of Tosk, Lt. Beverly Crusher in 1940s Outfit, Orion Animal Woman. Thanks for shopping with Keith & Deb at. All of our items are from a clean, smoke free, pet free environment. We care about our...