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Star Trek Roddenberry Tng Horga'hn Idol Statue 11 Scale Replica New No Box

This is a meticulously crafted 1:1 scale replica of the iconic Horga'hn Idol Statue from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Featuring intricate details and made by the renowned brand Roddenberry, this figure is a must-have for any Star Trek collector. It belongs to the Science Fiction & Horror genre and the Star Trek franchise, and falls under the Collectibles category. The statue is in new condition, though it does not come with its original box. This figure is a perfect addition to your collection, or as a gift to any Star Trek fan.   

Star Trek Horga'hn 1/1 Scale Prop Replica Roddenberry New In Factory Box

   Created by the original prop studio. During the third season of. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Fans were introduced to the planet Risa, a tropical resort paradise whose native population was known for their open sexuality. The Horga'hn statuette is the Risian symbol of fertility. To own one is to call forth its powers, to display one is to announce you are seeking jamaharon, a mysterious sexual practice native to that world. In 1991, twenty-five copies of the Horga'hn were produced for use in the episode "Captain's Holiday". The studio which crafted the original props, ...