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Star Trek The Search Fo Spock Special Feature Terraforming U0026 The Prime Directive

Star Trek 1979 The Motion Picture 35mm Promo Movie Feature Film Trailer Shatner

   1979 35mm Movie Theater Promo Teaser Film Cell Roll Trailer. Sure to increase in value as Disclouser of Space Travel becomes known.. These 35mm trailers were played before movies in theaters - today, all movies are 100% digital files so film like this is a thing of the past. You can also produce this 35mm film Reel into Collectible Mounted Movie Film Cell Art Frames, and/or can be printed into HQ Collectible photos? Check out my store for more rarities including other Cult Classic 35mm Trailers! Will be posting John Lennons How I Won The War, Dark Crystal, Star Wars 1977, ...