Vintage Star Trek The Complete Original Series & Movies On Vhs Tapes Vol. 1-79

Some tapes sealed most brand new few opened.   

Star Trek Next Generation Patrick Stewart As Picard Autographed Signed Plaque

Star Trek Next Generation Patrick Stewart as Picard Autographed Signed Plaque, limited edition 4308 of 5000. You might get mad and huff off, but guess what?   

Star Trek 3 Iii The Search For Spock Phaser I Prop 1990's Ed Miarecki

This was made by Ed Miarecki, I could go on and on about Ed but just do a Google search. This is a static phaser one. It is very good condition excellent it's been in my collection since the 1990s. Some modifications were made to it in 2000s that included the raised power meter and the trigger square button. I do not have the phaser tube body because it was made of fiberglass as is this and it broke and shattered. If you're a true fan of Star Trek you want to have this in your collection because believe me there aren't very many around just go check. Check out my other auctions you might find...

Star Trek The Motion Picture Lobby Card 11x14 Size Movie Poster 5 Different Crds

More than just a pretty picture. Over 100,000,000 served.   

1970's Early Star Trek Convention Books & Collectibles


Star Trek Klingon Cloak Black Quality Large Unisex

Get ready to conquer the galaxy with this authentic Star Trek Klingon Cloak in black, made with top-notch quality materials and designed to fit any wardrobe. Embrace the power of the Klingon character and add this rare piece to your Star Trek collection.   

Star Trek Tos Theme Quirky Soundtrack

Star Trek Klingon Disruptor Movie Tv Prop Gun Set Screen Accurate Replica Phaser

Star Trek Klingon Disruptor Movie TV Prop Gun Set Screen Accurate Replica Phaser Very detailed and accurate Star Trek movie props apparently made by one of the prop makers, dissembling the actual props and making molds that were used to duplicate only a handful of these sets. The story from the original owner is that he lived next door to one of the Star Trek prop makers and was given this set as a gift several years ago. The knife is from United Cutlery, modified and painted to look like the one from the movie. The remaining props are apparently made from the original molds.   

New Star Trek Movie In Development

Star Trek 3 Iii Search For Spock Press Kit Tos Super Rare

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