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Dark Shadows Wolf Head Cane Tv Movie Prop Jonathan Frid Barnabas Trek Tarantino

   GET YOURS BEFORE THE PRICE INCREASES! My recommendation: Get your cane now. They are surely to increase in value! Halloween Cut-off for ordering is October 17, 2019! NOW AS SEEN IN THE QUENTIN TARANTINO FILM, ONCE UPON A TME IN HOLLYWOOD (2019) AS USED BY LUKE PERRY FROM BEVERLY HILLS 90210 FAME! Now you can own this extremely rare and most prized of Gothic Props! Owned by a Vampire from Maine who always lurked in the shadows. This cane was his most prized heirloom , and he rarely let it slip from his grasp, or sight. This cane was made and. The handle is Alpacca also known as German ...